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The 'Lookaround' is a Community Newsletter which serves the population of Sedbergh and the surrounding areas of
Cautley, Deepdale, Dent, Frostrow, Firbank, Garsdale, Gawthrop, Howgill, Killington, Middleton & Barbon
We have a monthly print of between 800 & 1,000 copies.
It is estimated that just over 4 people read each copy making a readership of about 4,000 people.
Details of how to obtain copies of The Lookaround appear on the 'More Information' Page.
I am constantly updating the Web Site with new ideas and hope that it will make browsing of the Site easier for you.
If you see any errors, have any observations or comments, please drop us a line.


  The first issue consisted of 4 pages. The quality is poor by today's standards as we had to print it out onto plain paper, cut it out then place it on a Master Sheet. The sections were then stuck down and the whole lot photocopied on both sides. In the early days, photocopiers did not like copying on both sides and many sheets either crumpled or got stuck in the machine. This added many hours work to the already lengthy process and many nights were spent producing the Newsletter this way.
Issue 2 consisted of 8 pages and Personal Ads were 25 pence.
Issue 3 had 8 pages with an insert.
Issue 4 grew to 12 pages. Personal Ads increased to 50 pence.
Issue 8 in October was 16 pages.
Issue 9 included page numbers because with 16 pages, we were becoming confused - not very difficult at the time. The details of local Children's Birthdays up to the age of 11 appeared.
Issue 10 had the Issue number on the front page.
  Up to
Issue 12, they were all printed black ink on white paper. There was confusion as to whether the new copy was in the shops.
Issue 13, which celebrated our First Birthday, we printed on coloured paper to differentiate between each issue.
Issue 14 went to 20 pages, Issue 17 to 24, Issue 18 to 28.
  In June 1987, I was interviewed by the local TV station Border TV about our Newsletter which was becoming famous locally.
Issue 22 in December 1987 saw a change in format. Coloured ink on white paper. Again, this was to differentiate easily between issues.
Issue 25 featured the local fight to keep the Secondary School open in the light of educational cuts. The Lookaround was instrumental in keeping everyone informed of the progress. Because of the local support given to the school (95% of the letters sent the Education Department were for Settlebeck). It remained open.
Issue 27 in May 1988 was to be our last as work moved us away from Sedbergh.
Issue 28 was produced by 'The Lookaround Support Group' who kept it going. The Group did a very good job and put their own personalities into each production. The Team was Michael Rutter, (Editor); Kath Hetherington (Treasurer); Joy Rutter, Dorothy Blair, Angela Jones & Trevor Martin (Production Team) and David Lord & Susie Thurlby (Distribution).
  In July 1988, The Lookaround won a Top Award in the News & Publications Section of the local Cumbria Village Ventures Competition.
Issue 45 reached a massive 40 pages.
  The Lookaround Support Group kept Lookaround going and in February 1990, we were invited back into the driving seat and produced
Issue 46 which was 32 pages.
Issue 61 in May 1991 saw a full colour cover which featured the visit of Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh to Sedbergh to present a new Coat of Arms to Sedbergh School. This issue was 48 pages plus the colour cover.
  Another Milestone was in August 1994 when we celebrated the
100th Issue with a full colour cover.
  The Advertising Rates were updated in August 1999 and have stayed the same
till this day (January 2019).
  The next Milestone was the 200th Issue when we were in Full Colour throughout.
June 2002, We began to produce a 'Large Print' version of the Lookaround for the partially sighted in the area and appears in A4 size. This is available to anyone and is free of charge. A Donation may be made if you wish.
  Under the leadership of Jennifer Levvitt, an Audio version Lookaround called 'Talking Lookaround' was produced which is an abridged version of some of the articles which is recorded onto Memory Sticks to be played on special USB Speakers and distributed to the Visually Impaired members of our community. This is also a free service
Issue 240 in December 2006 saw 96 pages, the biggest issue ever to date.
Issue 251 in December 2007 consisted of 104 pages which was the largest ever and printed in Full Colour.
Issue 254 in April 2008 consisted of 100 pages, the biggest ever for a single month issue.
Issue 265 in March 2009 saw the largest ever issue for a single month with 104 pages.
Issue 266 in April 2009 saw the transformation of the presentation of every copy being 'Perfect Bound' with a colour picture cover.
Issue 267 in May 2009, we included a regular full colour photograph on the cover. This issue also saw the introduction of the details of individuals in the community who have attained 90 years of age.
Issue 268 in June saw the cost of Lookaround being increased from 50 to 70 pence, the first increase since March 2001 then increased to £1 from issue 273 in December 2009. This is still maintained.
Issue 306 in December 2012/January 2013 became the biggest ever issue with 112 Pages.
Issue 328 in December 2014/January 2015, another record of 120 Pages.
Issue 334 in August 2015. The Lookaround Office took up residence in Sedbergh Information Centre at 72 Main Street.
Issue 347 in September 2016. Due to the increase in size and therefore the weight of each issue and the increase in Postage, Postal Charges were increased.
Issue 350 in December 2016. We announced that we would retire as Editors of the Lookaround in December 2018 and invited new Editors to come forward to continue Lookaround. A new 'Team' has been developed and training is ongoing (November 2018).
Issue 372 December 2018 is the last issue produced by Dennis & Jacky Whicker.
Issue 373 February 2019 will be the first issue of the new Team.

Dennis & Jacky Whicker


We have been residents of Sedbergh since March 1982 and have two sons called David and John. We originally hail from London.
We started the Lookaround in March 1986 and, apart from a brief spell, have kept it going between us as a hobby. It is a very rewarding Hobby which helps to keep the community of Sedbergh and District well informed of things of interest in the area.
The very first issue consisted of 4 pages of A5 (One page of A4 folded in half). For the technical minded, we used a Sinclair Spectrum 48K (upgraded from a 16K) and an Epson 9 pin dot matrix printer. Articles and text were printed out on paper then literally cut out and pasted onto the page. Adverts had a little box drawn round them to make them stand out. This 'Master' was then photo-copied. We originally printed 500 but soon rose to 1,000.
After a while, we advanced to an Amstrad 8512 where we were able to created a whole page on the screen and print it out. Eventually we transferred onto the PC's which we have used for many years and developed The Lookaround into what it is today. Issues usually consist of between 80 and 120 pages and we print between 800 & 1,000 every month.

Dennis & Jacky Whicker