Sedbergh & District
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Latest Edition

Latest Edition


As of the 1st January, there is a new Editorial Team under the guidance of Myles Ripley.

Contact details with the Phone and e-mail address remain the same.

You can look at our catalogue of previous editions here.

Contact Details

  • Sedbergh & District Lookaround
  • 72 Main Street
  • Sedbergh
  • Cumbria
  • LA10 5AD


The 'Lookaround' is a Community Newsletter which serves the population of Sedbergh and the surrounding areas of Cautley, Deepdale, Dent, Frostrow, Firbank, Garsdale, Gawthrop, Howgill, Killington, Middleton & Barbon. We have a monthly print of between 800 & 1,000 copies.

The Sedbergh Lookaround Team

Myles Ripley


Ed Welti


Although only two officers are listed here, there are several more proof readers, contributors and other helpers. If you would like to join the Team, please make contact as many hands make light work.